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Founded in 1966, Concord has evolved into a world-class metal forming supplier because our people make the difference; trained, certified, and continually brought up to speed in an ever-changing environment - our people strive for excellence.

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Years In Business

Concord has invested capital resources in the latest state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and processes.
The Process

Tool Building

We are a trusted tool design company with a state of the art facility - from concept to manufacturing.


Concord is a world class builder of tools for progressive stamping.  Our stamping presses range from 100 tons – 600 tons and service our customers with quality products.


We provide a wide range of precision welding services by seasoned professionals.


We work with top plating companies to provide all your metal coating needs.


We provide a host of light assembly processes to professionally finish all of your product needs.

Concord ISO 14001 Certificate
Tool Building

Innovative manufacturing technology with high quality precision machining.

We are a trusted tool design company with a state of the art facility – from concept to manufacturing.

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A world standard supplier in stamping.

Our specialty is precision metal stamping run on progressive die tooling. Capable of handling materials with wide ranges of material thickness, currently produces precision metal stampings for Toyota and other world-class Automotive customers.

  • Complete Range of Precision Metal Stamping
  • Fully Automated Stamping Presses
  • Metal Stamping Presses Ranging in Size From 100 to 600 Tons
  • Parts – Simple and Complex Shapes
  • Simple Blanking Tools to Complex Progressive Stamping Dies
  • In-House Tool and Die Department
Minster Stamping Machine
Stamping Machine In Action
Stamping Tools
Example of Concord Stamped Part

State of the art welding technologies.

Concord tool offers a variety of Welding technologies and other value-adding services to meet all customer’s needs, including:

  • Post-stamping robotic component assembly
  • Welding (resistance MIG, spot )
  • Staking (heat and mechanical)
  • Auto component feeders’ assembly
  • 100% inspected by vision system


Concord Tool and Manufacturing partners with the best plating and coating suppliers to ensure our customers are always satisfied with the product received. With our mix of innovation, creativity, and urgency, your coating needs are always within reach.

  • Zinc-Nickel Plating
  • Powder coating
  • Heat Treatment
  • Surface Treatment
Concord Assembly - Automotive Parts


Our light assembly cells offer maximum flexibility to meet our customers’ needs, adding value to each part (tape, gaskets, bumpers) with customer satisfaction in mind.

  • Unique lines dedicated to each product
  • Cells are adjustable to accommodate changes in customer needs
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